Your Health

Your Health

                              “I’m in pretty good shape“.    

  “I eat well enough”.

“I’m fairly healthy”.      Sound familiar?

Or how about,        “I deserve this”, “You’ve got to enjoy life sometimes”, and “We all have to die somehow”.

These are the mantras that millions of Americans are chanting on their way to the hospital, or even worse, their graves.

Mediocrity has become the norm, food has become our comfort, and reality TV has become what we aspire to. If what you know about being healthy comes from what you see on television, chances are you’re deceiving yourself about the condition of your health.

How many of us really know what “healthy” is? Blood pressure, waist size, cholesterol levels and blood sugar count are all numbers that can help us answer that question, and lifestyle will primarily determine these numbers.

How do you feel?      Is your immune system preventing you from illness?

Do you have the energy, stamina, and strength for the activities you desire?

What is the quality of your sleep?   


                                                                              Do you like who you see in the mirror?

Are you pain free?   

Those are all questions to be considered when measuring the condition of your health. Lack of awareness and attention to any of these areas can adversely affect the quality of daily living. Knowledge about how to care for your physical health is relevant and powerful.  The direction of health care in this country has changed.

Responsibility is in your hands. Even if you’ve never exercised or eaten a vegetable in your life . . . it’s not too late.                                                          

Being a baby boomer myself, I’ve spent the past 25 years avoiding mediocrity and self-destructive mantras. I know through my own experience that, when you are fit, healthy and strong, you are empowered. Feelings of helplessness disappear. As you take ownership of your health, symptoms such as low energy, pain, depression, obesity and disease will disappear.

I’m here to help. My passion and conviction has inspired and motivated hundreds of people to take charge of their physical condition. My programs are individualized, safe and effective. Let’s start making changes right now!