Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight loss is all about creating healthy lifestyle habits. I will help you identify emotions that trigger bad habits such as over –eating, and will help you establish reachable goals that keep you motivated and encouraged to modify your habits.

Weight loss is a process that’s both mental and physical. Taking a holistic approach to your health is the most effective way to reach and maintain your goals. There are no gimmicks or get-skinny-quick schemes that bring long-lasting results.

The formula for success is simple:
1. Get fit.
2. Eat healthy.
3. Have support.

Eating healthy can be challenging and confusing. Low carbs or low fat? High protein or less dairy? It’s hard to know what to eat! Well, here’s the story. Weight loss is about “calories in” and “calories out.” I will calculate how many calories you need to consume to lose weight, how to choose the right foods that will help you lose weight, and what to look for when shopping in your local grocery store.

My approach to weight loss is about shifting perspective and process to a sustainable new way of living. You will not be relying on a “miracle diet” or product to do the job for you. Through the education, motivation and support I provide, you will be able to rely on yourself for having developed a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.                                    Insert your height and weight, then point to the “?” to see chart.