Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the most powerful and effective natural healing therapies available today. With so many of us experiencing chronic pain, why don’t we get massages on a regular basis?

Generally there are three common factors that keep people from enjoying the health and healing benefits of a good massage:

—1. Lack of education about what massage really does.
It moves our lymph fluid; a system of fluid in special vessels that helps activate our immunity. It promotes our circulation and de-stresses the body to provide psychological support. It relieves pain and creates more agility in our movements.

—2. We feel like we don’t deserve it, so we dismiss it as an indulgence; something we won’t allow ourselves to enjoy.

—3. We see it as a luxury rather than maintenance. Granted, if you have it frequently enough it can represent a luxury, but a regular weekly or bi-monthly treatment can promote a multitude of health-giving results that significantly contribute to your holistic approach to fitness.

The irony is that a massage treatment is usually one of the last things we’ll consider spending money on, yet is one of the most affordable, empowering and valuable components of a fitness regimen. Its healing ability transcends our physical body. Just experiencing the touch of a competent and caring individual allows our body to release hormones called endorphins that stimulate healing while encouraging a deeper sense awareness and general well-being.

There are many different styles of massage therapies. In my experience, Neuromuscular Therapy has proven to be one of the most effective. It manipulates muscles, tendons and connective tissues to heal and balance your central nervous system. It can also prevent and repair soft tissue injuries, release pinched nerves, correct postural distortion, and often eliminate chronic pain. And, you see prompt results.
The process of therapeutic massage often involves a search and discover mission through isolating and releasing the muscles that are the underlying causes of your tension or pain. This process usually requires several sessions. Then in conjunction with fitness training, these muscles are reeducated and strengthened to function without pain. Our mission is accomplished when you can manage or eliminate your pain without dependency on drugs.