Fitness Training

Fitness Training

There are basically three questions that are the most common regarding Fitness Training:

1. When does fitness training work?
2. When does fitness training not work?
3. When do most stop doing it?

Dr. Scott Larit D.C. – Delray Beach, FL

For fitness training to really work you need to have a strong intention that is complemented by a clear course of action; an easy-to-follow plan of your work. Fitness training will cease to work for you when you simply stop doing it—or lose the enthusiasm of consistency. Most people will stop when discouragement kicks in because results cannot be felt or are not visible. This can be observed in January when people buy gym memberships as a part of their New Year Resolutions, but predictably, by March, most people are backsliding into their old routines of less conscious eating and sedentary habits.

Establishing good support systems to guide and motivate you along the way will reduce the likelihood of losing interest in your fitness regimen. A comprehensive program, individualized to your needs and based on your current body condition, is a requirement for consistent motivation. The alternative – a one-size-fits-all program – is conducive to self-sabotage. A successful program will include strength, flexibility and endurance conditioning. These three essential elements are integrated to maximize results, turn back your aging clock, and promote longevity.

If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and have had good intentions of getting into shape but just haven’t made it happen yet, take the first step which is to admit you need help. These might be tough economic times, but considering the soaring costs of health care, the time spent for doctors, hospital visits and medical procedures, it is far more economically responsible and wise in the long run to invest in your health and physical wellness. This is true prevention.

As someone professionally involved in this field for many years and personally committed to my own health, I do understand your needs and have the ability to design a workable program that will show results. With me as your fitness trainer, you’ll have an expert in the field who can also personally relate to the specific needs of someone our/your age.
I will provide you with the right combination of motivation, support, and conditioning workouts that will guarantee you the body you desire and deserve.