About Ann

About Ann

Ann Murley is known to her personal fitness clients as a consummate professional dedicated to motivating and challenging them in ways that bring prompt, proven and permanent results. She defines her motto of, “walking the talk,” by being an example of what she teaches.

Ann’s self-healing journey began after serving as one of Omaha’s very first female firefighters. An on-the-job injury left her in chronic pain but Ann was determined to not rely on pain medications and instead sought natural ways to relieve and manage her condition.

Finding great relief and rehabilitation from massage therapy, Ann became tenacious about letting others know about its benefits. Ann formally studied massage therapy, received her license in 1989, and began working in a Chiropractor’s office. Her expanding practice mushroomed into a thriving business and fueled her desire to teach. In 1991 she founded Omaha School Of Massage Therapy which became and remains a symbol for personal wellness and an icon in the Omaha area.

Within the first two of her eighteen years of service as Owner and CEO of OSMT, Ann’s two-room school expanded into a 14,000 foot facility, incorporating exercise training, nutrition and wellness classes into her unique massage therapy curriculum. Her outreach supported strong volunteerism and community service in addition to collaborating with disaster relief agencies to include massage therapy in emergency response efforts; a first in the Midwest. Ann’s innovative style brought acknowledgement and awards from public organizations as well as The American Massage Therapy Association.

Certified in Health and Wellness Coaching, Fitness and Sports Nutrition, Fitness Training and licensed in Massage Therapy, Ann focuses on helping others make healthy lifestyle changes, which include personalized exercise programs, nutritional guidance and pain management through massage therapy. She educates groups and individuals, empowering them to live with a new awareness, and stronger vitality to create the fitness and health they desire.